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Large Studio Easel
Large Studio Easel
Art Materials Studio Easel Folded Flat Log impression Tilting Range Tilting Range detail of fixtures Detail of ledge Detail of ratchet Detail of ratchet Detail of tilting mechanism Removable easel top Back of removable easel top
Sale price: AUD149.95
The Australian Art Materials Studio Easel is a very solid and stable easel. It is made of sturdy smooth satin beech wood that is natural in colour. All fixtures are brass. The angle adjustment notch is made of a strong durable black plastic as well as the notch on the top. The easel can be angled from vertical to almost horizontal positions.
The studio easel has a brass ratchet system for raising and lowering the canvas or drawing board. The length of the ratchet system is 74cm, it allows the easel to have 16 different heights. Each notch moves up 4cm.
Studio easels have a small shelf to place paints whilst working and can hold a canvas up to 180cm in height.  The size of the storage compartment is approximately 47cm in length, 8cm in width and 9cm in height.
The Studio easel is easily stored flat as it comes apart in two pieces.
Suitable for both the student and professional artist.

RRP $260.00
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