I have been a local artist on the Bellarine Peninsula for some time now and I have always found it difficult to buy bulk quantities of artist canvases in a range of sizes. Not only this has been difficult for me but also being able to buy them from the one supplier. Usually I would have to run around from store to store negotiating prices and not to mention trying to fit super sized canvases in to my little Honda four door. Artists we always like to think outside the square! Anyway.... When I found Art Materials Australia I was absolutely thrilled. Not to mention the fact that I now buy my canvases at wholesale prices! For me I find it easy and convenient to buy online, you know what us artists are like!? If you are anything like me, staying up painting into the night, when the creativeness is flowing.... The next day it isn't always that easy to get out and about. This aside. I place my order online and can have it delivered the next day, all at a very
reasonable freighting cost!


I have been buying the Art Materials Australia canvases for awhile now and I am very pleased to know they are now introducing to their canvas range a thin profile canvas. I buy canvases all the time and the cheaper the better! 
The girls in the warehouse even helped me have them delivered straight to the school, all in the one day!

Alison - Art Teacher 

The Art Materials Fine Artist Canvases are the only range I buy. I do a lot of textural and resin work and I find the heavier canvas and frame in this range tends not to warp like the cheaper canvases. I sell a lot of my resin work and what I also love about these canvases is the logo imprinted in the back of the wooden frame, I show my customers this to show them the quality of the canvas. You can't go by these canvases they are really exceptional.


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